Weekly Public Worship Services at St. James

  • Sundays
  • Tuesdays
  • Wednesdays 
    • 12:05 pm ✝ Holy Eucharist w/ Holy Unction


Worship is at the heart of our Christian life together at St. James. It is the place we come to connect with God and the community, to seek comfort, forgiveness, and assurance and to give thanks to God and rejoice. 

A typical Sunday worship service follows an ancient form and includes prayers, readings from Holy Scripture (the Bible), the word proclaimed by a preacher in a homily (or sermon), the Nicene Creed, Prayers of the People, a corporate Confession of Sin and the assurance of absolution, the peace of God shared in the gathering and a celebration of Holy Eucharist (also called Holy Communion, the Lord’s Supper, the Mass, or the Divine Liturgy) ALL baptized Christians, regardless of age or denomination are welcome to receive the sacrament of bread and wine at Communion. The worship concludes with a prayer and blessing.

We have a healing ministry that offers prayers for healing and Holy Unction (anointing with holy oil) during our Wednesday service of Holy Eucharist at 12:05 p.m. You may be anointed with oil for healing at this service if you desire. You may also receive Holy Unction and special prayers for healing at anytime by making a request to the clergy.

Special observances mark the holiest days and seasons, including Advent, Christmas, Epiphany, Ash Wednesday, Lent, Palm Sunday, Holy Week, Good Friday, Easter, Pentecost, and All Saints’ Day. Check the website and calendar online for more information about special services and events.

Please contact the clergy directly concerning any pastoral services you may need, including Baptism, Holy Matrimony (Weddings/Marriage), Confirmation, Reaffirmation, Reconciliation (Confession), Holy Unction (Anointing for Healing), Preparing for end of life, Christian Burial, and private pastoral counseling.

Core Values and Beliefs about Worship

We believe that worship of Almighty God through our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ by the power of the Holy Spirit ties ALL of our lives together. We believe that our "praying shapes believing" or the way we pray shapes what we believe and the way we live. (the axiom: Lex orandi, lex credendi, lex vivendi) 

Our Sunday public worship service is centered on the sacrament of Holy Eucharist [also called the Lord's Supper, Holy Communion, Divine Liturgy or the Mass] and is structured according to rites of The Book of Common Prayer, 1979 of the Episcopal Church
Gathered around God's table, sharing the bread and wine, Jesus is present with us. In this act of worship, we come to know the depth of hospitality of God's love for us. Forgiven, nourished, and renewed, we are able then to go into the world and share the gifts of grace we have received with others. 

Our worship follows the liturgical calendar that enables us to celebrate the life of Jesus Christ throughout the year. While not necessarily biblical, the liturgical year was created by the early church and helps bring meaning to our life of faith throughout the year as we celebrate the life of Jesus.

Worship Ministries

The Eucharistic Lectionary

Anglican Cycle of Prayer

Daily Prayer Resources

  • Forward Day by Day provides daily meditations based on Bible readings appointed by the lectionary for the specific day.
  • Daily Morning Prayer, also called Lauds & Matins, is celebrated at daybreak.
  • Daily Evening Prayer, also called Evensong or Vespers, is celebrated at sunset.
  • Compline, also called Night Prayers, is the last of the Church's canonical hours, said before retiring for the night.