St. James Episcopal Church is a Christian community of prayer. We believe that our prayers are the way we respond to God, by our thoughts and our deeds, with or without words. We offer prayers of intercession and thanksgiving at every worship service. We pray for the Universal Church, its members, and its mission, the Nation and all in authority, the welfare of the world, the concerns of the local community, those who suffer and those in any trouble, sorrow, need, sickness, or having any other difficulties, and we also pray for those who have died or dying. We offer prayers in thanksgiving for ourselves and others at proper occasions, the birth of a child, the marriage of a couple, a birthday or anniversary.

We have started an active prayer fellowship. The purpose of the St. James Prayer Fellowship is to support the Church through teaching the importance of prayer and helping make the parish the center of prayer for everyone. Activities of the St. James Prayer Fellowship include modeling prayer by using prayer resources such as the Book of Common Prayer, personally having an active prayer life, and regularly offering intercessory prayers on behalf of or in support of those who reach out to the St. James community seeking our prayers.

The St. James Prayer Fellowship is for everyone and we pray for anyone who asks, for any reason. It is not necessary for us to have all the "details" in order to offer prayers. Therefore, your confidentiality is respected and your discretion is appreciated when you share information about who needs our prayers.

The St. James Prayer Fellowship is NOT a source of information for gossip, judgement, opinion or condemnation.

There are many resources available to you online that will help you in your prayers:
Click HERE for the online Book of Common Prayer, 1979.
Click HERE for Forward Day by Day.
Click HERE for Mission St. Clare (Daily Office). 

Thank you for taking on the responsibility of praying for others in their time of need, sickness, crisis, etc...

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