Our Mission 

  • Allocate funds to support God’s work in our community, diocese, and the world 
  • Support the rector’s discretionary fund and the Episcopal Diocese of East Tennessee 
  • Encourage parish-wide involvement 
  • Meet monthly to address charity requests hands-on project sponsorship

The Outreach Committee is open to all who wish to participate. Please contact Bob Strimer (robertstrimer@gmail.com) if you would like to be informed of each meeting's time and agenda.

Volunteer Programs

These programs provide the Saint James parish with opportunities for “hands-on” volunteer ministries. Jesus tells us “Just as you did it to one of the least of these who are members of my family, you did it to me.” We pray you will find a ministry (or ministries) that will match your interest and passion and that you will volunteer your time and your heart to seek and serve God in all persons.

Firewood Collection

With the leadership of Mark Honeycutt, Saint James parish has joined with four other local churches to collect firewood for those in need who heat with wood during the winter.

Food Bank Collection

Parishioners offer grocery items on the first Sunday of each month to donate to the Food Bank. Please check our bulletin for each month’s item we collect.

Opportunity House

Led by the efforts of Bob Strimer, several parishioners volunteer their time and efforts to help build the family unit to serve the homeless.

Alcoholics Anonymous

Local citizens have weekly use of our parish hall for weekly meetings. (official website)

Food Bank Fundraising

Parish volunteers published a cookbook with matching aprons that we sold to provide money for the Food Bank.

Olive Oil Project

At least twice each year, we sell imported fairly traded, extra-virgin, first cold press olive oil from the Palestinian Agricultural Relief Committees, a non-profit, non-governmental organization supporting sustainable agriculture in rural Palestine since 1983.

O U T R E A C H  N E W S !

Children's Nutrition Program of Haiti

Funded Programs

We seek to serve others in our community, the nation, and the world through our resources, our time, and our talents. Through our Outreach Funding Committee, we offer our funds to agencies and projects.

Food Bank

We have made an annual gift to the Food Bank for the duration of its existence supporting not only food distribution, but also electricity deposits, heating assistance, and medical assistance. 

Mission Soup Kitchen

For many years we have provided monthly SHARE food boxes and contributed money for special occasions to the only weekly soup kitchen operating in Greeneville. 

Takoma Community Ministries

Financial support to their mission of providing clothing and household items to those in need. 

Child Advocacy Center of the Third Judicial System

We offer annual financial support as well as have several Saint James members serve on the Center’s board of directors. It provides a child-centered facility for interviewing abused children in a non-threatening environment with most of the clients the victims of sexual abuse. State legislation created the program but did not fund these centers throughout Tennessee. 

Outreach Haiti

Together with southeast area parishes of the Episcopal Diocese of East Tennessee, we support the mission of Saint John the Evangelist School in Petit Harpon, Haiti. (official website)


We support this partnership for malaria prevention in Africa, which has mobilized thousands of community volunteers to distribute mosquito nets and teach their neighbors how to prevent and treat malaria. To date, they have helped more than 11 million people. (official website)

Zeigen Project

Led by the efforts of Diane Whitehead, this mission in Zeigen, China works to provide young girls access to education and promotes gender equality. (official website)

Episcopal Relief & Development

ERD is the international and national outreach arm of the Episcopal Church. We support their HIV Prevention and Education of Orphans program, which is part of the UN Millennium Development Goals our diocese and parish adopted as the model for our outreach giving. The 2008 Outreach Auction proceeds were used for Millennium Development projects, this being only one of many fundraisers. (official website)