What is “Christian Formation?”

Christian Formation is so much more than just "education." Christian Formation is the lifelong process of growing in our relationship with God, with others, with ourselves, and with all of creation. Every experience in our lives provides us with an opportunity to express our faith. The challenge we face is recognizing these opportunities and learning ways to live a sometimes "countercultural" life in the secular world.

Christians have been gathering to worship for two millennia, and have been learning about Christianity for almost as long. It is crucial for all Christians to be instructed outside of actual worship in order to grow in their faith. We believe that our worship and the way we pray shape our beliefs. However, some of the richness and tradition of our worship service is lost without instruction. Questions start to appear, such as:
~ Why do we celebrate the Eucharist (communion) every week?
~ How do I live out my faith in my everyday life?
~ How can I be Christian without seeming like a religious nut?
~ Why does the service sound partly Protestant and partly Catholic?
~ Where did the Prayer Book come from?

Everyone Learns - Adults, Youth, and Children!
Adult formation may consist of life application, current events through the Christian lens, in-depth study of Holy Scripture, and other special topics. 

Youth thrive in faith among their peers. Though our numbers are small at the moment, St. James offers regular gatherings for youth (Middle School & High School Age) to help form and inform young people in faith practice.

Children are the Church. We believe that children are NOT just the future of the church... We believe our children ARE the church as much as any other child of God who worships and learns at St. James. As adults and youth we strive to model right behaviors for the younger folks to grow, learn, and thrive in their faith. As an Episcopal Church, we subscribe to the Children's Charter of the Episcopal Church. (you can download a flyer here)

Christian Formation & Education begins in early childhood and NEVER ENDS, just as our faith journey continues our whole lives. 

St. James holds Christian Formation opportunities on Sunday morning's during the school year for ALL Ages. Sign up in the fall!
Educational classes are available for ALL ages from 9:15 a.m. to 10:15 a.m. between the worship services.

We have active Bible Study groups. If you are interested in forming a small group Bible Study, our priest would be glad to help you.
  • Bible Study - Tuesday evening, year round at 6:30 p.m. 


During the school year, St. James has a wonderful nursery facility with caring and nurturing individuals who staff it.

Nursery care for ages 6 and under is available from 9:00 a.m. to noon on Sunday mornings.