Tuesday Bible Study - light supper 6:00 p.m., Bible Study 6:30 p.m.

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Men's Prayer Breakfast begins promptly at 7:00 a.m. each Tuesday and ends 7:30 sharp.

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First Sunday Food Collections

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Our local Food Bank’s shelves empty quickly because times are tough for many. To place the less fortunate first, please bring a suggested food item to church the first Sunday of each month. Folks typically do not donate these staples and the Food Bank must otherwise purchase them at retail prices to complete their food baskets. For your convenience, our parish calendar will list them too.
  • January —5 lbs. sugar
  • February —5 lbs. corn meal
  • March —32 oz. bottle of vegetable cooking oil
  • April —peanut butter and crackers
  • May —5 lbs. flour
  • June —5 lbs. sugar
  • July —5 lbs. corn meal
  • August —32 oz. bottle of vegetable cooking oil
  • September —5 lbs. corn meal
  • October —32 oz. bottle of vegetable cooking oil
  • November —peanut butter and crackers
  • December —5 lbs. flour

“If you offer your food to the hungry and satisfy the needs of the afflicted, then your light shall rise in the darkness and your gloom be like the noonday.” —Isaiah 58:10 (NRSV)

Soup Kitchen Volunteers

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The Soup Kitchen at Tabernacle Presbyterian Church needs volunteers to aide with food preparation and serving. Volunteers meet at the church at 9:30 a.m. on Tuesday and Wednesday to plan and prepare the food that is then served on Wednesday beginning at 11:30 a.m. Please contact Mike Russo if you are interested in volunteering.

Greene County Wood Ministry

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The Greene County Wood Ministry needs volunteers. This program provides free firewood for heating to households who heat with wood and qualify for support through Community Ministries. Volunteers can work on Saturdays at the warehouse on the corner of Church Street and Bernard Avenue helping with the cutting or splitting of wood. Volunteers with access to a pick-up truck can also deliver wood using a website to choose those in immediate need. Check with Mike Russo if you are interested in volunteering.

Backpack Program

posted Jun 17, 2010, 8:42 AM by Paul Adams   [ updated Aug 3, 2016, 6:08 AM by Kathy McCrary ]

The parish Outreach Committee adopted a local backpack program for Camp Creek Elementary School first graders for the fall. They asked parishioners to either provide a fully supplied backpack or to donate, through the church offerings, an amount of $55.00 that was used to purchase the backpack with the needed items.

On Saint James Day, July 25, five parish youth brought forth 33 backpacks to present as part of the offering gifts. The Reverend Carolyn W. Isley then blessed the backpacks with a prayer. On Thursday, August 5, Conan and Janet Rudd and Bob Strimer delivered the backpacks to Camp Creek where teachers helped bring them to a first grade classroom. Jane Bell, parishioner and the school's principal, shared photographs of the proud new backpack owners.

The fall issue of the East Tennessee Episcopalian will feature an article with more details about this worthwhile program.

Each backpack contains: 

  • 1 – one-inch three ring binder 
  • Pencil pouch for binder 
  • 2 dry erase markers 
  • 1 box of 24 crayons 
  • 1 pair safety scissors 
  • 2 glue sticks (please, no glue bottles) 
  • 2 pkg. #2 yellow pencils 
  • 1 small pencil box (8” x 5”) 
  • 1 container of disinfectant wipes 
  • 2 large packages of pencil-top erasers 
  • 2 boxes Kleenex-type tissues (the flat rectangular ones for better storage) 
  • 1 old mismatched sock to be used as an eraser 
  • 1 box of Ziploc-type sandwich sized plastic bags

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