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Vestry Person of the Day Checklist

Opening the Church

If you are opening the church, enter by the west side (parking lot) door and disarm the alarm. Turn on lights in hallway, bathrooms, and kitchen. Be sure there are trash bags in the trashcans, toilet paper and paper towels in the restrooms. Supplies are kept in the kitchen cabinets. 

Before service, turn on main hall lights by door, nave and Sunday school rooms upstairs, unlock sacristy door and door to priest’s vestments chamber and turn on lights. Unlock door from hallway into church. Unlock front door. 

Note: It will be necessary for the vestry person of the week to open up the church on Sunday only when we have a supply priest. Check with the altar guild to see if they will take care of these tasks. 

Closing the Church

Check restrooms to be sure toilets have been flushed and lights are off. Do not forget the toilet behind the sanctuary

Turn off lights of office and study and secure doors. Secure front door of parish hall from inside. Turn off lights in nursery. Turn off lights in Sunday school rooms upstairs. Turn off lights in stairway to Sunday school rooms. 

Empty all trashcans and replace liners. Place trash in the green cans found in the furnace room (storage room across from men’s bathroom) and take green cans to the street on upper side of parking lot entrance. (This is very important because the city picks up garbage on Monday and if the trash is not at the street, we have to smell the garbage for a week.) 

Be sure to lock and secure all doors, turn off all lights, set alarm (you have 20 seconds to leave after alarm is armed). 


Access Code: XX-XXXX 

Client I.D. Code: XXXXX 

If the alarm sounds while you are in the building, the alarm company (ADT) should call the church within 60 seconds to see if there is a problem. You will have to identify yourself and give the above I.D. code to the person calling. Otherwise, ADT will call the police.